RightTechAdvice Blog Standmounts vs Foorstanders speakers

Before you are going to a shop in order to buy a new pair of speakers, decide whether you are looking for standmounts or floorstanders. It will help you to focus on the models that are the most suitable for you. Let’s find out which one of the mentioned options is better?


Ask yourself what’s your budget for the speakers. As a rule, great standmount models are more affordable. The thing is, engineering top-performing floorstanders with the same quality of the audio is much more difficult. Keep in mind that standmount speakers will need to be paired with suitable stands which also cost money.


It is not only about the space that is needed for the speakers themselves. There are many speaker models that can work pretty well if their backs are closed up against the wall. However, most devices produce significantly better sound when they are placed some way out into the room. Relatively small standmount speakers can normally tuck in tighter.

What are you buying them for?

If you are going to use the speakers not only for listening to favourite music tracks but for watching movies in a home cinema as well, a larger cabinet would be a better option. To add, every speaker has its own sweet spot for volume, so when you make it louder some distortion may appear. If your living room is huge, floorstanders can deliver much louder clear sound.


There are a lot of small standmount speakers that deliver an impressive low-end response. So, if you want to get good bassy audio, it’s unnecessary to pay much. Nevertheless, a good pair of floorstanders should offer infinitely more powerful bass.


Although usually users pay much more attention to technical features, aesthetic design is important as well. Some speakers can look quite silly in the room. The number of eye-catching standmounts is higher than the number of attractive floorstanders. Anyway, if you feel ashamed looking at your speakers, you are definitely less likely to spend a lot of time watching movies with them.

If you have read all the points and still cannot make a choice, it is better to go to a shop and try out various models. You can also find an online shop and read about floorstanders or standmount speakers there. It is possible that there will be a perfect combination of features for you and making a choice will be easy.

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