RightTechAdvice Blog How to Choose The Right Wireless Speaker

A long time ago wireless speakers became incredibly popular because of their portability. Nowadays, users pay much more attention to the quality of the sound produced by these devices than before. Moreover, manufacturers are constantly adding different features to their products.For example, you can find models with voice control and multi-room functionality. The selection of the speakers is pretty wide and making a choice can be difficult. The information below will help you to decide what type of speaker you need and what specifications it should have.

Weight and dimensions

These characteristics are usually hidden at the very end of the product description. But they are very important as from photographs it is not always possible to conclude about the size of the speaker. You can find speakers of almost any size. The smallest ones can fit in your pocket — they are no bigger than a keyring. True, you shouldn’t expect perfect sound from such devices. There can be different ways to control the speaker. Most models have built-in buttons but you can also buy a device with a touch panel.

Features that affect sound quality

You need to choose a wireless speaker by the following parameters: output power, frequency range, and impedance. The higher the speaker power, the louder the sound. For example, a 15-20 W speaker is capable of delivering sound up to 80 dB, which is enough to listen to music on a noisy street. Sound quality is affected by the frequency range. Humans can hear sounds from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The speaker should be able to sound over the entire range, or better yet, cover it. That is, if the lower limit is not 20, but 18 Hz, this is great. And finally, the audio quality is strongly influenced by impedance. The lower the impedance, the better the sound quality.

Battery life and quick charge

Imagine that you are having a party and the speaker suddenly stops working. Not the most pleasant moment. Some models have batteries capable of supporting music playback for up to 24 hours. Usually, inexpensive models play about 6 hours. Therefore, consider when buying that a nice addition will be a quick charge function and a high-capacity battery.

Water resistance

IPX2 protection provides low resistance to liquids. If a person sweats, then there will be no problems, but you can’t carry an IPX2 gadget under the rain. You can take the IPX4 device with you if you are going to run a marathon in bad weather or decide to work out hard in the gym. If the speaker has an IPX6 protection level, you can take it with you to the shower and not be afraid to damage it.

Connectivity options

Of course, we are talking about Bluetooth speakers. But why not look at options where there is NFC support? This greatly simplifies pairing devices. It is also better to choose an option with a 3.5mm audio jack — this connection method will be relevant for a long time. Such a speaker can be connected, for example, to a desktop computer in which there is no Bluetooth module. In addition, the speaker may have a memory card slot or a USB flash drive connector — also a good alternative to a wireless connection.

Now that you’re armed with all the knowledge, picking a wireless speaker should be easy. Make the best choice!

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