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Hey there! I’m Robert Lewit. At 43, I’m still jamming to the beats of my beloved hometown, Austin, Texas. If you’ve heard of Austin, you probably know it’s all about music. Living here is like having a personal soundtrack to your life.

About RightTechAdvice

Okay, let’s get down to why you’re here. This cozy corner of the internet is my tribute to turntables. You see, for me, they’re not just machines – they’re memory-makers. I’ve poured my heart, soul, and countless stories into this site. So, whether you’re here to relive the vinyl days or discover their magic for the first time, I’ve got something for everyone. From the quirks of vintage classics to the sleekness of modern players, you’ll get to experience it all. And hey, while you’re at it, you might bump into a story or two from my good old days.

About Me

about Robert Lewit

Alright, storytime! My roots in Austin run deep, growing amidst rock, country, jazz, and blues melodies. These genres, with their unique stories and beats, have contributed significantly to my identity. But the true essence of music in my life came from my father. A musician with an enchanting voice and exceptional guitar skills, Dad chose an unexpected path. Instead of enthralling crowds on grand stages, he decided to open a turntable repair shop. And it quickly became my summer hangout, where Dad and I would share long conversations, with topics spanning life, dreams, and, of course, music. It was in these moments that I grasped the true essence of vinyl.

I did try to play some instruments (spoiler: it didn’t go well!), but I found my groove in cherishing music rather than creating it. And that’s how this website dream took shape. It’s my way of sharing a bit of my dad, our memories, and my love for turntables with folks like you. So, look around, and I hope my tales strike a chord with you. Cheers to the timeless beauty of vinyl!